The Treysta Group

The Treysta Group is consulting firm specializing in mixed use multi-family buildings. We are known for helping to create buildings are cost effective to build, own and operate while respectful of their natural environment. We have participated projects throughout the Midwest.

In 2005, Healthy Home Reports, LLC was established in to help people create buildings that were healthier for the occupants as well as the plant. As our business has expanded it’s focus beyond single family homes, the name Healthy Home Reports, LLC no longer represented the scope of services offered. In 2012, the company name was changed officially from Healthy Home Reports, LLC to The Treysta Group, LLC.

House of the Future

Project: House of the Future
Designations: Wisconsin Green Built Home Certified
Developer: Treysta Group/Healthy Homes
Architect: GMK Architects
Builder: Encore Construction
Location: Mount Horeb, WI

Description: The House of the Future project extracts the best building standards, products and ideas to create a new house standard that anyone could and would want to build. Our goal was to make this house fun, relevant and repeatable.

In the end we built a house that is Connected to Nature, Enhanced by Technology, Designed for All. Follow the link to tour different features in the project.

Overlook at Midtown

Project: The Overlook at Midtown
Designations: Wisconsin Green Built Home Certified
Developer: Stone House Development, Inc.
Architect: Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC
Builder: Connery Construction
Location: Madison, WI

Description: Two Building, Eighty Eight Unit, One, Two, and Three Bedroom Apartments and Townhouses.

Services: Pre-construction energy, sustainability, and indoor environment review of the plans and specifications. Green Built Home review and inspections. Value engineered materials and equipment vs incentives available and long term operational expenses for the owner of the project. Advocated for the owner durning site visits and attendance of project meetings.

The Depot/CVS Pharmacy

Designations: Wisconsin Green Built Home Certified
Developer: Depot Developments, LLC
Architect: Knothe & Bruce Architects, LLC
Builder: Stevens Construction Corp.
Location: Madison, WI

Description: Five story, mixed use, Eighty Two unit One and Two Bedroom Apartments and Townhouses with a CVS Pharmacy on the first floor, built in an underutilized well established neighborhood.

Services: Provided an analysis of green building programs in the marketplace including LEED-NC and made a recommendation on certification programs based on the goals of the developer for the project. Was responsible for the modeling the building to evaluate both the energy efficiency as well to allow the project to take the Federal Commercial Energy Efficient Tax Credit. Also, evaluated the value of changing materials and equipment verses the incentives available and long term operational expenses for the owner of the project.

About Treysta

The Treysta Group specializes in improving buildings and building operations. We are in the green building field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all our projects are “green certified” projects. Our emphasis is on lowering operation costs, improving air quality and increasing building durability.

We always save money over the life of the building and most of the time, if the building or product choices we recommend are implemented, we see the cost of our services recouped before the end of the project.

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